Protecting your privacy online:               Some practical tips

Thursday, October 24th, 2013, 7:45 PM to 9 PM

* Room 113, Cybertorium, IST Building
(the one crossing Atherton, just north of College), free parking in the
parking lot to the north west of the building after 5 pm.


* The Auditorium, at Foxdale, 500 E. Marilynn St.
(on street and off street parking available)

This program on how to protect your privacy online will be offered simultaneously at 2 locations, the PSU campus and at Foxdale. At each location, the speaker will present about 20 practical tips for protecting your privacy online. These tips will cover the use of search engines, email programs, encryption of disks, cloud computing, and systems hardening. The tips will apply to both major operating systems. The program will end with a Q&A session that includes a video link between the two locations.

Gerry Santoro, the speaker at the IST building meeting, is a Senior Lecturer in IST, and an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences. He recently authored a Massive Open Online Course on cyber security for individuals and small businesses which will be online during Fall, 2013. His research interests are in cyber-security, cyber-crime and warfare, computer forensics, security management, and futurism.

Chris Milito, the speaker at the Foxdale meeting, is Director of the IT staff in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State.

These talks are sponsored by the Central PA Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Group, the Penn State student ACLU chapter, the Security and Risk Analysis Club in the College of IST, and members of the IST Special Living Option.

Light refreshments will be provided before the presentations.